What is tea tree oil

What is tea tree oil and what are its numerous applications on the skin. These essential oil dates back to 100 of years in Australia and were used by the native Aborigines.  Tea tree oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) is a popular house hold name. It is one of the most popular ingredients used in cosmetics, shampoo, soaps and skin care products. This lead to the formation of the Australian tea tree oil industry association (ATTIA) in 1986.  ATTIA promotes and represent the interest of the Australian tea industry to the global market place.  It represents all the growers, processors, exporters and manufacturers in this industry.  ATTIA is truly an environmental conscious organization and embraces the ISO 4000 environmental standards.  The growing popularity of this essential oil has one asking the question “what is tea tree oil “.

What is tea tree oil?

The oil is extracted from the Australian plant Melaleuca alternifolia, and the plant is native to Australia.  It was the native Australian Aborigines that stumbled upon the many benefits of TTO.  Native Aborigines used TTO to treat coughs, colds, heal wounds, and skin ailments. Australia is the home for premium tea tree oil (TTO) due to its code of practice in ensuring quality standards.  The Australian TTO is known is known for its quality because it contains 40% or more of terpinen-4-ol.  Terpinen-4-ol is the key component found in TTO that helps fight harmful bacteria and fungi. Many research studies have demonstrated tea tree oils anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti viral activity.  TTO is extracted by a process of steam distilling the Melaleuca alternifolia leaves.  The extracted leaves secrete a pure colorless to pale yellow oil essential oil that is used to create TTO.

What is tea tree oils benefit on the skin?

The benefits of TTO were known by the Native Aborigines for many hundred years.  Today, modern research studies is validating these facts.

  • Tea tree oil is a recognized antiseptic, anti-bacterial, anti fungal and anti viral essential oil.
  • It is used for cuts, insect stings, outdoor insect repellent and acne.
  • Ring worms, athlete’s foot and other fungal infections are treated with tea tree oil.
  • Helps treat yeast and skin fungal infections.
  • Using a solution of 40% tea tree oil solution is effective in treating vaginal infections.  A tampon saturated with TTO inserted for 8 hours once a week for approximately 4 to 6 weeks is effective in treating C albicans and T vaginalis infections.
  • Cold sores and boils can be treated by dabbing pure TTO 2 to 3 times a day.
  • Tea tree oils anti inflammatory properties help heal sun burnt skin, eczema and blisters.

You have read about the benefits of tea tree oil and its applications.   The only setback for using tea tree oil products is its strong repulsive astringent smell.  Australian Creams has formulated a unique tea tree oil cream using Leptospermum petersonii (lemon scented tea tree).  Lemon tea tree is a stronger strain to Melaleuca alternifolia.  Lemon tea tree oil gives you the calming aromatherapy constituents similar to citronella and all benefits of tea tree oil without the bad odor.  The original Australian Lemon tea tree oil is made in Australia from pesticide free ingredients.

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